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Diego L. Rapoport (Conciencia y Física Fundamental II)

"Torsion Fields, the Extended Photon, Quantum Jumps, The Eikonal Equation, The Twistor Geometry of Cognitive Space and the Laws of Thought":

Paola Zizzi (Conciencia y Física Fundamental I)

"Emergent Consciousness: From the Early Universe to Our Mind":
L.N. Cooper

sábado, 19 de septiembre de 2009

Sensorimotor Contingencies - Sensory Substitution

"A sensorimotor account of vision and visual consciousness", J. Kevin O'Regan & Alva Noë;Noe.BBS.pdf

"Neural Plasticity and Consciousness", Susan Hurley & Alva Noë
("absolute gap", "intermodal comparative gap", "intramodal comparative gap")

"Perception of the structure of the physical world using unknown multimodal sensors and effectors", D. Philipona & J.K. O’Regan & J.-P. Nadal & O. J.-M. D. Coenen

"Should your robot do Lie Bracket Estimation?", Monica Gretzer & Henrik I. Christensen
Germano Resconi - Morphogenetic neuron

"The Morphogenetic Neuron", en "Computational Intelligence: Soft Computing and Fuzzy-Neuro Integration with Applications" (Editor: Okyay Kaynak)

"Kinematics in Robotics by the Morphogenetic Neuron", en "Computer aided systems theory - EUROCAST 2001" (Editores: Roberto Moreno-Díaz, Bruno Buchberger, José-Luis Freire)

(Se pueden consultar por o por

viernes, 17 de abril de 2009

Conciencia y Teoría de Conjuntos,

Willard L. Miranker, Gregg J. Zuckerman:
"Mathematical Foundations of Consciousness"
"Dynamics of mental activity"

Gregory Landini:
"Consciousness and Non-Wellfoundedness"

A. M. Lisewski:
"The concept of strong and weak virtual reality"

Stanford, Self-Reference:
Conciencia y Topología II:
(Orientability, Non-Orientability)

August Stern:
"Quantum Theoretic Machines"
"The Quantum Brain"
"Matrix Logic and Mind"
(Libros consultables en y )

Istvan Dienes:
"Consciousness as holographic quantised dimension mechanics"
"Brain/Mind duality explained"
"The quantum brain and the topological consciousness field"
"Consciousness-Holomatrix theory"
(Disponibles en )

Alex Ryan:
"Emergence is coupled to scope, not level"
Conciencia y Topología I:
(Categorías, Haces, Prehaces, Cohomología)

Struppa, Kafatos, Roy, Kato, Amoroso:
"Category Theory as the Language of Consciousness"

"Cohomology, Precohomology, Limits and Self-similarity of Conscious Entity"

"Categories, Presheaves, Sheaves and Cohomologies for the Theory of Consciousness"

"A First Essay on Phenomenological Topologies"

martes, 3 de marzo de 2009

"Consciousness studies"
(Un libro de WikiBooks, exámen exhaustivo de todas las posturas entorno al problema mente-cerebro, muy pedagógico y bien ilustrado)

lunes, 2 de marzo de 2009

Steven Lehar (Harmonic Resonance Theory, Gestalt Bubble Model)

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miércoles, 4 de febrero de 2009

jueves, 29 de enero de 2009

Jacek Turski, Harmonic Analysis for Cognitive Vision

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domingo, 25 de enero de 2009

Apparent motion, Mental Rotation, Mental-Visual Imagery
Roger N. Shepard, David H. Foster, Eloise H. Carlton

Roger N. Shepard:

David H. Foster:

Eloise H. Carlton:
"Connection between internal representation of rigid transformation and cortical activity paths"
Junto a Roger N. Shepard:
"Psychologically simple motions as geodesic paths" I y II

V. Lakshminarayanan y T. S. Santhanam sobre "Connection between internal representation of rigid transformation and cortical activity paths" de Eloise H.Carlton:
"Representation of Rigid Stimulus Transformations by Cortical Activity Patterns"
(En "Geometric Representations of Perceptual Phenomena", se puede consultar en )

miércoles, 14 de enero de 2009

Mario Bunge:
Un poco de filosofía

William James ("Principles of Psychology"):
"Stream of consciousness", "Consciousness is not a thing but a process"
"Generation problem", "Combination problem"

David J. Chalmers:
Wilson-Cowan, Neural Fields, Visual Hallucinations

Jack D. Cowan:

Paul C. Bressloff:

Stephen Coombes:
Zucker - Ben-Shahar

Steven W. Zucker:

Ohad Ben-Shahar:
Koenderink - Van Doorn (Scale-Space)

Escuela Koenderink:
(Luc Florack:)
(Bart M. ter Haar Romeny:)
Pellionisz-Llinás (Tensor Network Theory)
Francisco Varela (Neurophenomenlogy, Neurofenomenología)

Specious Present:
(Marieke Rohde:)
Ilusiones ópticas:

Ilusiones de tamaño:

Ilusiones de color:

Ilusiones de curvatura o de distorsión:

Contornos ilusorios:
(Figure 4 (Kanizsa, Tse, Idesawa))
(Figures 1, 4, 5, 11, 22)

Ilusiones de movimiento:
(Akiyoshi_Kitaoka, Rotating snakes:)
(Spiral aftereffect)
Todor Georgiev

"Covariant Derivatives and Vision":

"Relighting, Retinex Theory and Perceived Gradients":
Jean Petitot (Neurogeometry, Neurogeometría)

"The symplectic structure of the primary visual cortex" (Con Alessandro Sarti y Giovanna Citti), se puede descargar gratis en:

En Francés:
"Vers une neurogéométrie. Fibrations corticales, structures de contact et contours subjectifs modaux" (Con Yannick Tondut):

"Neurogéométrie des architectures fonctionnelles de la vision", en:

martes, 13 de enero de 2009

William C. Hoffman (L.T.G./N.P. = LIE TRANSFORMATION GROUP THEORY OF NEUROPSYCHOLOGY) (Grupos de Lie, Álgebras de Lie, y percepción)

"Equivariant Dynamical Systems: a Formal Model for the Generation of Arbitrary Shapes" (William C. Hoffman) en "Shape in Picture: Mathematical Description of Shape in Grey-level Images" (ISBN-10: 3540575782, ISBN-13: 978-3540575788), se puede consultar en:

"The Lie transformation group model of visual perception" (Peter C. Dodwell) en
"Perception & Psychophysics" 1983, 34 (1), 1-16, se puede descargar .pdf en: